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Friday, 2 March 2012

Unrooting or Going back to the official ROM

Hii friends I am back again with a new trick to roll back to that old official version of SE Xperia X8 or Walkman W8 . I was facing many problems in my W8 after installing ginger DX then I switched to Ginger Xperia the interface was quit good battery back up was just like hell . My phone was turned into landline , always connceted to the power source. so i wanted to roll back to that old Version of 2.1 .If there is a problem in Your phone that requires to contact SE service center then you android device must not be rooted or custom firmware must not be installed if otherwise warranty will be void. If you want to do so then just follow the trick....

 All of us who is a SE Xperia X8 Or W8 user must have seen the Pc companion (The PC Suit) . there is a service in Pc companion to update to the latest Official Version of Android , this can be used for updating as well as for Repairing Your phone , if any software problem occurs in your phone and you need to reinstall the Updated official ROM then You have to use PC companion's Update wizard . So Be ready to do so ...

 For Doing so you just need a PC With a Internet connection , don't think that only a INTERNET , it requires a speed INTERNET connection as it depends upon speed to download the updated OS from Internet and install on the phone . you will need a USB cable of SE Xperia X8 or W8 and PC with a fast INTERNET connection and PC companion installed in it .Just connect your phone to the PC via USB cable and mount the memory card (turn on USB file sharing). after this PC companion will detect the phone . make sure that you have backup-ed all the important notes and contacts and messages . Click on the update wizard and then follow the instruction to install the official ROM.
After installation completes you will a fast un-rooted phone ......

Monday, 6 February 2012

Watching Deleted YouTube videos

Many of Us must have seen this while trying to watch some videos in YouTube , me also ! I always wonders how can this videos be watched , and got a solution for this . Its true that you can still watch the deleted YouTube videos . there is nothing in this trick ... just visit the webpage to watch deleted YouTube videos.

Click here / -FTVTeen

Note- May contain videos Appropriate for some Users

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Partitioning Your Droid's Meromy card...

Hi Friends once a friend of mine asked how to partition memory card of Android.
And i thought of writing a blog on this , so i am writing the blog...
This tutorial will help you partitioning your android's memory card step by step ...
you must have been thinking, "Why we need to partition our memory card ?" answer to your question is you need to partition your memory card to install apps on that.

1. first of all make sure that you have backed up all the datas before you start partitioning your memory card as the memory card will be totally wiped(formatted before partitioning).
2. You need a Rooted android phone to do so. If you not rooted your Droid yet click here.....
3. To partiotion Your Droid's Memory card Android SDK must be installed. To download android SDK Click Here.To View the tutorial Click Here .
4. Right click here and save sdparted.txt to the root of your computer C:\(C:\sdparted.txt). this script was developed by "51dusty" at forum.xda-developers. To visit the original Thread click here .

 5. Connect your Droid to the PC via USB . Boot into X-recovery or cm-recovery by holding down the power button . This will bring into X-recovery or cm recovery as shown in image below.

 Now locate your Android SDK folder. Inside the tools folder,copy the two files adb.exe and AdbWinApi.dll to the system32 folder in path "C:\windows\system32".

6. Now go to start>run>cmd.exe
and run command prompt. At cmd type:- adb push /sdparted.txt /sbin/sdparted
hit enter .
Then enter - adb shell chmod 755 /sbin/sdparted

7. Now enter the command adb shell . It will give you a new prompt as shows in below image.
8. Its the point you issue the command to partition your SD card . there are many ways to do this , but the most common and easiest method is sdparted -efs ext4 .
It will create a swap 32MB at ext4partition that is 512MB and the remainder of your card will be a fat32 partition.his allows for 512MB of apps to be installed on your SD card – which is plenty of space. If you’d like to set your card up differently,see all of the options listed here .
After enter the command sdparted -efs ext4 , you will be asked to confirm this action. type Y(must enter capital Y).

 again and again you will be asked to confirm the action , enter Y.
9. Now you will be presented with a print out of your newly partiotioned Sd card. It should look similar to the screenshot below . Type exit to leave the adb shell. Restart the phone.
10. Now you have the partitioned memory card.